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Europamundo has taken out travel insurance with Europ Assistance to cover all of its passengers. The policy comes into effect on arriving at the destination, at the start of the services with Europamundo and it expires when the circuit arranged by our company has ended. Consequently, it does not include incidents during flights or stays before or afterwards that have not been booked with our company. Detailed information on the General Terms and Conditions and exclusions of the policy is available at www.europamundo. com and on My Trip or it can be requested from Europ Assistance España S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros.
Procedure to follow: in the event of requiring assistance, contact the guide so that he/she can start the formalities. If this is not possible, contact the insurance company directly so that it can provide the assistance. The 24-hour centralised assistance office telephone number of EUROP ASSISTANCE is:

Summary of coverage and compensation limits:

Guarantees Cover
Medical expenses
(excess amount of €50 per claim, payable by the insured person).
3000 €
Dentistry expenses60 €
Extended hospitalisation due to illness or accident. €80/day. Max. 10 days
Transfer of sick and wounded persons.Unlimited
Transfer of mortal remains.Unlimited
Return of accompanying insured persons.Unlimited
Sending of medicines abroadIncluded
Travel of one person to accompany the hospitalised insured person.Unlimited
Accommodation and allowances for the person accompanying the hospitalised insured person.€80/day. Max 10 days.
Return of the insured person in the event of the death of a relative.Unlimited
Search for and location of luggageIncluded
Sending of urgent messages (arising from guarantees)Included
Loss, damage and theft of luggage.€30/ item Max. €300
Delayed luggage attributed to Europamundo exceeding 12 hours.100 €
Accident insurance – death caused by an accident during trip.2500 €
Accident insurance- disability caused by an accident on the trip.6000 €

This insurance has limited cover and does not include important aspects such as electronic equipment, loss, theft, breakage or minor damage (handles/ scratches/ wheels) to lug- gage, cash, jewels or valuable goods, even if they are in hotel rooms / ship cabins. If your luggage is worth more than the inclusion cover, we suggest you declare it before starting the tour and take out extra insurance that provides additional cover.

Europamundo declines all responsibility in cases in which the insurance company considers that the policy does not cover the expenses claimed by the passenger, regardless of the reasons.

Europamundo advises all its clients to take out additional insurance with additional cover than the one included in our tours. Please ask your travel agent.


All the features mentioned in this article are only valid for trips with the code: (EM)