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North of Europe

18 Days


Cities including: Berlin, Dresde, Bamderg, Nuremberg, Landshut, Dachau, Munich, Fussen, Rotemburgo, Frankfurt, Crucero Rhin, Cochem, Colonia, Hamelin, Hannover, Hamburgo, Flensburg, Arhus, Ferry Kristiansand, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo, Orebro, Estocolmo, Ferry Estocolmo, Turku, Naantali, Helsinki, Ferry Helsinki- Tallin, Tallin

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Day 1

(GERMANY) Berlin :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: Arrival. Transfer to the hotel.Welcome to Europe!!!. On arrival at the airport we shall be waiting to transfer you to the hotel. You can enjoy free time until your tour starts, information about the meeting place and start time can be found on the information boards in the hotel reception area.
Day 2

(GERMANY) Berlin :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: City tour of Berlin. We visit the Holocaust Me­morial and the Berlin Wall Museum. Ease your way into the local culture with a guided tour of Germany's incredible capital, Berlin. We will visit the historic centre, Museum Island, the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate and the city's magnificent parks. We continue our visit by stopping at the Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall Museum. This visit can help us to understand the difficult situation the city experienced during the Twentieth Century. Leisure time to explore the city.
Day 3

(GERMANY) Berlin /Dresden /Bamberg /Nuremberg :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGT: Bavarian Republic of Germany.We will travel to DRESDEN, a city on the river Elba where we can admire its palace. We go on to Bavaria and our arrival in BAMBERG, a very beautiful city full of life; don't miss little Venice! We continue to NUREMBERG, the second largest city in Bavaria, and a city of great history where we suggest a visit to the place where Hitler's Coliseum stood.
Day 4

(GERMANY) Nuremberg /Lanshut /Dachau /Munich :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHT: Cruise on the Danube. Beautiful landscapes. Dachau concentration camp. BMW world.Today's journey is one of great surprises. From Kelheim we board a boat to make a short cruise along the Danube Valley, in the area of the Danube Gorges. We come to KLOSTER WELTENBURG, a very beautiful Benedictine monastery founded in 1040, where we have time to visit before going on to LANDSHUT, one of Germany's prettiest villages, and time for lunch. We continue to DACHAU where we will visit the museum of the Nazi concentration camp. In mid-afternoon, we reach MUNICH, where we visit the impressive BMW WELT (BMW world) complex, the very modern multifunctional exhibition facility of the prestigious German vehicle group BMW. We also see the park where the Olympia stadium stands in its architectural beauty and where the famous Olympic Games of 1972 were held. After this, free time in the historic centre to enjoy the typical beer houses.
Day 5

(GERMANY) Munich /Fussen /Rothenburg /Frankfurt :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: Neuschwanstein. Rothenburg Christmas Museum.Amidst alpine summits and very beautiful scenery, we travel to FUSSEN and the Neuschwanstein Castle. We get on a bus to Maria Bridge and admire the fantastic scenery from this little bridge between the hills. You can either return on foot or horse and cart (not included). After this, continuing with our romantic route, we travel to ROTHENBURG, a very pretty city surrounded by walls, where we enter the beautiful Christmas Museum (entrance included). Next FRANKFURT, Germany's financial capital.
Day 6

(GERMANY) Frankfurt /Reno /Cochem /Cologne (köln) :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHT: Cruise on the Rhine. Romantic route. Today we will see the valleys of the Rhine and Mosel, two rivers loaded with history and sprinkled with charming villages. We take a short cruise on the Rhine, between the villages of RUDESHEIM and ST. GOAR, undoubtedly the most picturesque section of the river. Then we will go on to the river Mosel, and will have time for lunch in COCHEM, a very picturesque village on the bank of the river. We also visit the incredible Burg Eltz, a medieval castle surrounded by forests in the mountains. In the late afternoon we will arrive in COLOGNE, time for a stroll in the busy area of the cathedral before going on to our hotel in DUSSELDORF.
Day 7

(GERMANY) Cologne (köln) /Hamelin /Hannover :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHT: Coal Mine Industrial Complex. A stroll in DUSSELDORF, a city on the banks of the Rhine and in the centre of Germany's most industrial region. We continue to ZOLLVEREIN, which is one of the most important points on the 'European route of industrial and heritage', where we visit its Coal Mine Industrial Complex, declared World Heritage. We proceed north bound, stopping in HAMELIN, a city made famous due to the Pied Piper. After following in the footsteps of the mice, we continue to HANNOVER, where we have time to visit the centre of this thriving city. Note: On dates when there are trade fairs or congresses, the accommodation may be in a nearby town.
Day 8

(GERMANY, DENMARK) Hannover /Hamburg /Flensburg /Arhus :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHT: North of Germany and farming regions of Jutland.After a short time in Hannover we leave for HAMBURG, where we go around its lake and see its busy port full of life, time for lunch. After lunch we travel to FLENSBURG a pretty seaside village with its marina on the border with Denmark. Our route goes on to AARHUS, Denmark's second largest city in the centre of Jutland.
Day 9

(DENMARK, NORWAY) Arhus /Kristiansand Ferry /Kristiansand /Stavanger :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: Norwegian coastline. We will travel to HIRTSHALS, where we will take a ferry crossing the North Sea to Norway. A three-hour voyage to KRISTIANSAND. We will continue along Norway's southern coastline and enjoy its stunning landscapes. Next stop STAVANGER, a small picturesque town that has an active port by the fjord. Note: Ferry operation hours vary depending on the months. Sometimes it is normally reserved to have lunch on the boat.
Day 10

(NORWAY) Stavanger /Bergen :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: beautiful fjord and sea landscapes. Funicular trip to mount Floyen. Upon leaving the city, we will stop at the 'Swords in Rock' monument, where we will be reminded of the Vikings, before continuing the very beautiful scenic tour. We follow the route going through tunnels, bridges and travel some stretches by boat to go along the fjord coast of Norway. One of its undersea tunnels is the deepest one in the world. This stage gets more relaxed and spectacular with its two boat trips. We will arrive in BERGEN at lunch time. We take a funicular trip to Mount Fløyen which offers amazing views of the town and Bergen fjord. There will be some leisure time later to enjoy the capitol city of fjords.
Day 11

(NORWAY) Bergen /Oslo :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: Spectacular scenery of mountains and fjords. Cruise. More fantastic landscapes today, images of Norway's interior region fjords, glaciers, lakes and forests. We will travel to SOGNEFJORD, Norway's largest fjord. Prior to arrival, we will stop at the beautiful TVINDEFOSSEN waterfall. We will take a magnificent cruise between the cities of GUDVANGEN and FLAM; enjoy stunning landscapes during this two-hour voyage. We continue our journey crossing magnificent snow-covered landscapes. We travel through Lærdal Tunnel, one of the longest in the world. Next, a visit to BORGUND's 12th century wooden church (entrance included) which is considered Norway's best-preserved medieval church. We arrive in OSLO with free time to check out its port, main streets, and the artworks at Frognerparken.
Day 12

(NORWAY, SWEDEN) Oslo /Orebro /Stockholm :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: impressive scenery with mountains, forests and lakes. We will spend some time in OSLO before departing for Sweden. Enjoy landscapes with forests and lakes. Next stop in OREBRO, a town next to a beautiful lake with a castle and charming historic center. Time for stroll and to take lunch. Continuing to STOCKHOLM, arriving in the evening.
Day 13

(SWEDEN) Stockholm :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: Stockholm sightseeing. Today we make a panoramic tour of this very beautiful capital city built on 13 islands joined together. We will see the Gamla Stand or the 'City between the Bridges', the old quarter of the city, full of life where there are many monumental buildings such as the Nobel Museum, alongside the main square of Stortorget, which pays tribute to the winners of the Nobel Prizes, the Cathedral and the Royal Palace. Whenever possible, we will enjoy a pretty view from the Fjällgatan viewpoint. Then leisure time. We recommend visiting the museums and parks. Optionally, we suggest a visit to the City Hall and to the Vasa museum-ship.
Day 14

(SWEDEN) Stockholm /Stockholm-turku Ferry :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: Ferry to Finland. Enjoy a free day of leisure in Stockholm. In the evening we will board a modern ferry traveling overnight to Finland, where accommodation will be in double cabins with private bathrooms.
Day 15

(SWEDEN, FINLAND) Stockholm-turku Ferry /Naantali /Helsinki :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: Forests, lakes, pleasant landscapes. As we arrive to Finland, we recommend that you go to the ship's deck for sunrise, enjoy mesmerizing landscapes from the sea as we sail along Aland Islands, hundreds of islands covered by forests. We disembark the ferry and have time to walk around TURKU, a city with a very strong Swedish influence. We continue our journey to the neighbouring city of NAANTALI, a very picturesque town with wooden houses next to the sea. We travel on until we arrive in HELSINKI, reaching at lunchtime. In the afternoon enjoy leisure time, you will be able to explore the city, with its old market, buildings with Russian influence and churches.
Day 16

(FINLAND, ESTONIA) Helsinki /Helsinki-tallinn Ferry /Tallinn :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: Stage by the sea with beautiful landscapes on the way out of Helsinki. We enjoy a boat trip to Suomenlinna Islands, a group of islands where we can witness a great fortress that used to protect the sea entry to the city, it has been declared World Heritage. Take time to walk around, it is possible to cross the islands through small pedestrian bridges. Later we will board a ferry to Estonia. The ferry trip will be around 2 hours 30 minutes. During the departure from Helsinki you have great views of the surrounding islands. On to TALLINN!
Day 17

(ESTONIA) Tallinn :

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: city tour of Tallinn. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia is a wonderful city with a well-conserved medieval centre. We will enjoy a comprehensive tour of the city, its walls, churches, squares, and its medieval streets filled with tourist attractions. An afternoon at leisure.
Day 18

(ESTONIA) Tallinn :

After breakfast, end of our services.

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